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Full Day                                                                                                                           £24.00 

Our best value service - up to 12.5  hours of care, any time between 6:30am - 7pm.

If you use us most weeks, see below for our discounted rates:

-  Once in the week                                                                                                £22.00

-  Two or three times in the week                                                                             £20.00

-  Four or more times in the week                                                                            £18.00

Taxi Service                                                                                                                    £6.00

Available with the full day option. We’ll pick up and drop off your precious pooch in one of our specially designed vans. Subject to limitations and availability, please contact the centre for further details.

Half Day                                                                                                            £14.00

Up to 6 hours of care between either 6:30am - 12:30pm or 1pm - 7pm.


Taxi and Two Hour Play                                                                                              £14.00


We’ll pick up your pooch and let them have 2 hours of play time at the centre at lunch time before returning them home again. 


Hourly Play                                                                                                                     £6.00


Drop off your dog for a play as and when it suits between 6:30am and 7pm.


Puppy Care and Socialisation


Choose any of the above services for your puppy. We have a specially designed area which offers a safe and secure environment for your puppy to learn the vital social skills required to become a well balanced, well behaved and happy dog. 

dogs inc. offers a unique environment that is designed to be fun, mentally stimulating and most of all safe, whilst promoting positive social behaviour.

Assessments                                                                                                  £20.00

Assessments are available Monday-Sunday between the hours of 9am and 3pm. Your dog will undergo a 2 hour assessment where we will watch your pooch play and interact with other dogs to establish their suitability for the centre. (Booking required)

50% discount for all additional dogs from the same household



3 Amberley Court

Bold Street 


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Tel: 0114 327 4144